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To get your products fast onto desired markets and comply with local regulatory provisions

Supplier Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) and Approval Certification

We offer customised solutions to meet your business needs. So you can supply safe products into Australia, New Zealand and Global markets

Energy Rating

External Power Supplies, Computers / Laptops, Monitors, Set-Top Boxes, TV’s, Dishwasher, Cloth Dryer and Three-Phase Cage Induction Motor

Research & Development Assistance

A start-up company to an enterprise, who are involved in development, manufacturing and supplying of electrical/electronic product or equipment


Keeping warm and cozy in this winter

Why do you think electrical safety so important?

Government authorities set up legal requirements (regulations and guidelines) in order to protect the public and reduce the risk of fire or injuries which can lead to catastrophic failure.  Electrical Safety Testing Lab with the standards cited in the regulations helps to identify and avoid the supply of unsafe products into the markets. Thereby reducing the liability on manufacturers, suppliers and end-users. 

Why Choose Us?

You won’t find a better team than our staff, more familiar with Australia and New Zealand regulatory compliance requirements. We can guide you through a step-by-step process to achieve compliance obligations to designated markets. Spend time on your core business. We as your compliance companion will evaluate and ensure product documentation is valid to eliminate the risk of non-compliance. We will also look after your regulatory compliance folder management (RCM compliance folders), product safety testing and Supplier Declaration of Conformity (SDoC).

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